Six forests and five trails

When the Danish Nature Foundation took over Skovsgaard in 1979 as a testamentary gift from the last owner, Ellen Fuglede, it was with the desire that the wild and varied nature that has surrounded the estate for centuries should be preserved. And this with good reason.

The nature in the area includes not only many habitat types, but also an exciting flora and fauna as well as direct access to the Langelands Belt.

On Skovsgaard's property there are no less than six forests, which together make up 97 hectares of land. The largest is Konabbe Forest, which stretches almost 700 meters in the area between the estate and the beach. We at Skovsgaard look after the forests with gentle operation to ensure the best living conditions for the forest's animals, plants and fungi.

Distributed throughout the property, five paths have been laid out through fields, meadows and forests. To each path belongs a leaflet that indicates the route and tells a little about what the road turns past.

The leaflets can be found below and at the entrance to Skovsgaard.

Meadows, ponds and a rich wildlife

On the eastern side of the property are Skovsgaard's meadows and pastures as a flanking of the Langeland coastline. The conditions of the meadows are ideal for bird life, which is why, among others, the vibe, the double snipe and the beach damage breed in the area.

In the early summer, meadow cabbage beds, buttercups and cuckoo herbs spring up, and the meadows are therefore especially worth a visit in May and June.

Wildlife also thrives in and around the total of 25 water holes found in the area. From mid-spring until autumn, the water holes abound with insects, frogs and salamanders. At Skovsgaards Naturformidling you can always borrow gear and get guidance to explore nature.