Holidays with nature, tranquility, food and lots of experiences
Skovsgaard Estate is located on southern Langeland - far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here is peace and time, forest and beach, nature and fields and lots of experiences for the whole family.

Skovsgaard Gods is owned by the Danish Nature Foundation and combines nature conservation, dissemination and organic farming. A holiday at Skovsgaard is a beach holiday, holiday home, nature holiday, farm holiday and culinary holiday.

Experiences every day
There is always plenty to experience at Skovsgaard Estate. Here are museums, agriculture, ponds, nature conservation, forest, beach, meadows, animals and gardens.

At Skovsgaard Estate you can vacation in our holiday homes, Lundstedet, Påøgården and Kågården. you can also stay in some of our tents located in the park around the castle or the tents placed near the beach. We also have shelters and hammocks you can stay in.

Holiday homes, tents and shelters are bookes through